JCL Scripting for Metasploit-Framework

# update 3/31 – added Reverse Shell JCL – this can be used by any direct-to-JES2 delivery method (e.g. FTP, NJE, etc) PR #6737 In continuation of adding more mainframe functionality to Metasploit, I’ve built (and am in the process of incorporating) JCL (job control language)-based payloads (and exploits which use them) within the framework. Once… Continue reading JCL Scripting for Metasploit-Framework

RACF gets serious about password encryption.

TL;DR ->Earlier this year IBM updated (and made backwards compatible to z/os v1r12) their RACF password hashing/encryption technology – and it’s awesome.  The APAR OA43999 has been out for months and, after you research and test it, you should apply it then migrate your users to the stronger algorithm as soon as you can.   This increases the… Continue reading RACF gets serious about password encryption.